Witkowski, Dejan and Strull Launch MarketWise Academy


MarketWise Academy was founded out of the desire to help creative communities navigate and thrive in a post-pandemic world, and to help busy creative and brand professionals stay up-to-date on training and advance their careers. “There’s a learning gap in our industry,” states Daniel Dejan.

“Digital-first designers need to understand and master print’s role in the marketing mix while more seasoned print marketers need to update and fine-tune their digital marketing strategies to reflect today’s market.”

The team’s flagship offering is a traveling master class called ‘Fast. Forward.’—a day-long small-group event for design and marketing leaders. The master class is designed to bring highly relevant, current, and actionable strategies to attendees in a tuition-based model that includes a day of in-person instruction with all three instructors, lunch and snacks, a workbook, a certificate of completion, and more.

“We have spent many months compiling all the new research, rigorous case studies and materials that could inform our class participants to make informed decisions and make the most of what is available today,” said Vicki Strull.

Download the MarketWise Academy PDF

Come to a city near you.

The first stop on their North American tour will be Dallas, Texas at the Clampitt Creative Center on March 17. “We are excited to be hosting the first MasterWise Academy Master Course,” said Don Clampitt, owner of Clampitt Paper. “We created our space as a meeting place for designers, marketers and printing professionals to exchange ideas and learn – so the Vicki, Daniela and Trish master class at the Clampitt Creative Center event was really supportive.

” After Dallas, the trio stops. in April in Minneapolis and in May in Columbus with plans to add several more U.S. and Canadian cities between 2022 and 2023.

Since its launch, the team has also received many requests from printers for private VIP masterclass events on the spot for their clients. “Printers are aware of the importance of this training for their customers,” said Trish Witkowski. “And they know it’s an opportunity to be together all day at a place in their facility – to learn, show off, answer questions and give a lot of value.”

Video training, tutorials and community as well.

The platform can also be a venue for other forms of training, including video demonstrations on basic topics that can be followed on demand and coaching rings for mentoring and career growth. “Our goal is to meet the needs of today’s marketing and design professionals and fill the gaps with powerful, relevant and time-efficient resources available when they are needed,” said Witkowski. He is also working on a private LinkedIn alumni group, office hours and an e-newsletter.

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