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It’s no secret that direct mail has been an effective marketing channel for decades. As the 21st century experiences the rise of digital marketing, variable data digital printing technology allows for intensive segmentation and personalisation of direct mail and envelopes. Much investment has been made in technologies that directly integrate mail into digital marketing programs, in which much has been invested in the second decade to this century.

This month, I highlight two services that provide useful resources for direct sellers, designers, direct mail providers, and others involved in direct mail campaigns. These are long-term services that place their examples in searchable databases. Who sends what

What is it

The printed newsletter Who’s Mailing What started in 1984 and provides examples and trends for direct mail. After several purchases and sleep in recent decades, the old catalog has reappeared as a searchable online database with more than 165,000 direct mail examples, and hundreds of other existing direct mail examples have been added.

How it can help

Examples of mail are postcards, sales letters and flyers. The online database can be searched and sorted by various categories, including dates, dozens of industry categories, companies, post types and offers.

Who’s Mailing provides many resources, from direct mail to best practices and email newsletters. They also offer a free trial of the service. Folding factory

What is it

FoldFactory’s Trish Witkowski has been posting twice a week on his YouTube channel for ten years. Although not many or most are non-specific direct mails, many projects promote Trish and many of the detailed folds can be used as self-mailers.

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