This is your marketing brain

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Recall a public announcement from the 1980s: “This is your brain on drugs. (The egg looks at the hot pan.) Any question?” Sure, we all joked about the ad, and in its day it became a meme. But it made an impression. It has a short, simple message with a shocking image. There is no long definition or story. No keywords. No photos where teenagers go wrong.

In my experience, marketers think carefully about things.

We have so many tools and so many ways to measure things. We want to see what others are doing. We like to try everything new. The truth is that the press has a long and proven marketing success. The print comes into play as highly rated. Plus, the photos let people hear you. A picture says a thousand words. From the feeling of paper to the smell of ink, printing has gained attention on many levels.

In addition, the print can absorb sound.

We are all distracted and indifferent, and if you distract someone, it is better to be more interesting than anything he sees or does now. This is difficult when they are online.

Mar. It’s easy when someone is waiting in a mailbox or sorting garbage. “Trash can ??” do sei, aast. Be a realist. The press shipment goes from the mailbox through the handball, the eyeballs to the stack, where it is possible to hide, check or recycle the waste bin. That’s a good thing!

You have about 10 seconds of undivided attention and a real “time to consider” when you will be considered as an option in the future. If your printed report is as memorable as an egg dripping on a hot pan, you can turn it into a cultural encyclopedia. We can all be overwhelmed by too many trading opportunities. One way to do this is to run a channel that gets a long response and see what happens.

Merchants use print and mail like never before.

What could be easier than working with a reputable broker and an amazing designer and hitting GO with a sweet EDDM campaign at every door in your area? If you’re a printer, you already know that, and I hope you’ll tell your customers why printing and publishing are winning the 2022 marketing game.

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