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SaaS marketing begins with understanding the day-to-day challenges of this type of business. We will now learn about Software as a Service SaaS and how to solve its main printing problem.

Why would SaaS provide printing?

To get into SaaS, you need to show a clear and fast return on investment in the press. In my own marketing strategy business, I opened the door to this sector by discussing how printing is a powerful tool for customer retention. If you can help SaaS reduce losses, you have all the companies you can manage. Before we go that far, we’ll explain SaaS.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subset of the computer software industry. According to Gartner, the high-income SaaS sector grew from $ 31 billion in 2017 to more than $ 171 billion annually. Money’s flowing here, friends.

Understanding the world of SaaS can help you sell them, so let me know.

SaaS companies create computer applications that are hosted online and on demand through a user interface. They sell licenses, rights, or fees for a place to access the software. The subscription is charged monthly, annually or through an agreed subscription. Usually, the subscription fee appears in the customer’s income statement as an expense or is charged against the prepaid card.

Why is this important? Because every SaaS customer will see these annoying subscription fees every month.

That’s why many SaaS companies offer many discounts and incentives. They kneel to reduce the monthly pain in hopes of retaining their clients. Why is a regular customer so important to SaaS?

In the SaaS world, customer acquisition is an expensive and exhausting process. Retaining customers is more challenging.

Here are three benefits of a regular SaaS customer:

Once they get the customer’s roots, they can sell their other products and services. 2. They may incur fees and financial costs.

  1. Customer contracts are considered an acquisition of a company and can be borrowed or used to attract investors.

Do you understand why SaaS would like to hear about a monthly press program that would prevent customers from jumping off the ship? The sale of SaaS press began with a plan.

If you want to sell the software as a hosting service, do not enter without serious preparation. Research who their customers are. Find out which marketing channels they already use. They may lack printing in their mix, but you won’t get that much in the area itself. I recommend building an offering that includes content management.

The content plan, of course, centers around print, but it can include other channels. Remember, this sector is financially flush.

First, develop a package or a suite of products designed explicitly for SaaS customer retention.

Second, create a monthly calendar with content suggestions and a project management workflow, including how you will handle their deadlines. Make a presentation that underlines your professionalism.

Third, work with them to measure and track their maintenance statistics and adjust the program as needed.

Fourth, be prepared to integrate and manage all elements of their marketing program. In my experience, today’s busy marketing managers are happy to delegate this responsibility if you can.

As you develop your content program, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Stories about satisfied customers. • Interesting graphic quotes and testimonials.
  • Original photos.
  • Fun, easy-to-understand technical content.
  • Inside items such as secret macros and Easter eggs.
  • View previews of upcoming features and fixes. • Color charts that present data in a new and valuable way.

One of my former SaaS clients sells to HR managers in companies with more than 5,000 employees. HR managers WANT to receive fun packages. They love evidence-based white papers with unexpected visual elements. And they want colorful, fun newsletters with tips they can share with colleagues.

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