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The name looks like a paradox! But the idea came to me that cold winter morning when I was sitting with my parents and lighting up old albums. The power of the press to restore human connections.

Every January I order photo books from my photos on Facebook. She selected, printed and sent me an album and it became a precious memory for me. I really don’t have time to sort and select, and although I don’t like 20% of the photos, I only need the balance of 80%. And as we browsed the albums and laughed at some happy memories, saddened by some of the people we lost, and amazed at how my daughter changed from a small child to an 18-year-old beautiful young woman at every precious moment.

Do I enjoy browsing photos on my Facebook? Definitely not. But social networks have created these memories.

As I thought further, I realized the potential of print marketers to reach markets and consumers through the power of search, digital media, social media, and at the right time, through powerful content that reminds them of the real meaning. in the press. Not just photos, but personalized gifts and messages, personalized direct mail and the appeal of beautiful etiquette and unique packaging. Stories that touch your heart and captivate your senses while creating a perfect sense of your head, yet deliver through purposeful digital and social experiences. The use of influencers may further enhance the credibility of this communication.

You can also tell how much printing power we need to restore human connections.

Feel the same emotion when someone sends you a text or post to your Twitter account vs. Do you need an attempt to send a personal postcard or letter or even a small gift, a nice package? In the world after Covid, our priority is to better protect our planet and build deeper relationships with family and friends, our community and the world in general. The press plays a big role in that.

I feel that we print marketers (I am now an ex-print marketer) are fighting digital growth, but it will work in our favor. Print providers need to work with brands to bring home how printing can help them create better human connections with their consumers and create immersive experiences. As personalization changes the marketing game and customers are willing to pay for these experiences.

Although printing is an old industry, in some ways it is a game to re-educate the market and build a new account, and digitally it can help traders in a cost-effective way.

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