Dscoop’s Edge Rockies signals that the printing industry is back in operation


Community is a word that has been broken by press abuse, but there really is nothing better to describe Dscoop. They are enthusiastic, innovative and creative people who work towards a common common goal – to create a path to a successful future in the press.

Then they called me Dscoop to work together for the Edge Rockies 6-9. March in Denver, Colorado.

I attended the event, helped promote it in the first place, shared real-time information from Denver, hosted an International Women’s Day breakfast panel, presented a session, and contracted several in-camera partnerships, but this article is not a grant or sponsored article. I am writing this because I want to share my experience with you. This event is smaller than the pre-pandemic Dscoop meetings. The number of participants was reported at 800+. From the Edge Rockies website: “The number of newcomers included owners and employees of more than 350 different companies from 22 countries. About 200 different print service providers were represented.

Small ones will also cover the exhibition space. HP does not carry presses – except for the HP Page Wide XL 10000, which proudly features John McEntyre in the back corner. (Listen to my podcast with John). They did however bring all their services, plenty of inkspirational samples, and a very cool hybrid live/virtual press demo hosted in Denver with a real-time broadcast from their Customer Experience Center in Atlanta.

The absence of HP presses running in the hall didn’t deter more than 40 partners from taking a space and sharing their products and services with attendees. I spoke to many attendees who said they were able to have more meaningful conversations with exhibiting partners, and they had come to the event specifically to see them in one place. Several partners I spoke with echoed attendees had done their research prior to arriving and were making final decisions on the floor. In addition to shared information and training and buying and selling, I was surrounded for 3 days by smiling, enthusiastic and optimistic people. Edge Rockies takes on the theme of “we’re back”, and while it’s a bit of a collector’s affair, the broader definition of “we’re back in business” is used. It is provided in Dscoop and then the rest.

Now, of course, there are big questions. How do Dscoop, HP and exhibitors measure and achieve success? Do hybrid press presentations and live customer dashboards work? Did HP achieve the same results when they could send the print?

It will be interesting to see how it qualifies. The measurement with the events of Dscoop in 2019 and earlier is hardly an apple pie due to Covid and the lingering unrest it presents. From my unique perspective on working at the event and experiencing it as a participant, I wanted to see it as a starting point to stand against something comparable.

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