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This is not a political contribution. This is finance for design, printing and marketing professionals.

By the end of 2020, the US construction sector will be worth $ 1.36 trillion. Even in times of pandemic, private housing and non-housing construction have record numbers.

By 2020, the construction industry will employ more than seven million people. By 2021, supply chain and manpower problems will make construction more expensive and unpredictable in length. If you know someone who started doing something last year, they may be thinking about that decision now.

ENTER BACK TO BUILD A BETTER ACCOUNT. You know, building infrastructure. And building infrastructure requires building and the viola – we ranked number 39 in the world in terms of infrastructure investment, and the US charges paddles, calling “of course”, calling for some life in the construction sector. and in the fields of printing and marketing, design, shipping, packaging, marking, promotional items and of course others. If you saw one of my presentations on new business development in 2021, I hope you took my advice and began to learn about the requirements for design, printing and marketing of construction companies and how to bid to municipalities and states – literally. Is it a package? Binder? Branded presentation material?

And don’t forget all the people who receive printing and marketing in various forms. Construction workers need tools, protective equipment, rainwear, winter and summer work clothes and boots. They need the local area to get a coffee and egg sandwich in a place and a place where they can have a beer after a busy day building houses and hospitals, repairing bridges and streets … sales so they can grow their business – and a place where they can coffee and egg sandwich before work and a place to have a beer. From there, it is expanding. It’s endless.

Now let’s talk about GREEN. Build Back Better Bill invests in clean energy in the US. NAPUHUNAN. Everyone wants to return their investment. The topic can be topical, and it provides eco-consulting for buildings and businesses. Electric cars are restarting the automotive industry, and because all these technologies are new, educational, sales and marketing materials are needed. You’ve already seen the Superbowl ads – we’re on the move and it’s getting bigger! Solar panel training, marketing and sales of installations and more. All of these people need printing and marketing. Expand from there!

I can continue. But I don’t.

If you want this event, we need our representatives – Red and Blue – to vote YES. If your color does not vote yes, then vote for whoever will vote. We need to get to the same page in order to continue. The Reds and Blues have teamed up to help the USPS do it again, to help designers, printers and retailers find new customers, come back to get paid, get workers to work for us – and in ports and roads, and back to building our businesses … better than ever.

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