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Edelman PR Consultancy recently released its annual report, the Edelman Trust Barometer. On November 28, they conducted a survey of more than 36,000 people to measure confidence in the institution. A recent survey shows that people trust companies more than NGOs, government and the media.

Confidence in most sectors has increased since last year.

What is trust? The Grunig Relationship Instrument identifies three qualities of trust:

  • Competence: The belief that an organization is able to do what it is told, including the extent to which the organization is perceived to be effective, and that it can compete and survive in the marketplace;
  • Integrity: The belief that an organization is honest and fair;
  • Reliability: The belief that an organization will do what it says it will do, will operate consistently and reliably.


Leading marketing is a concept used in marketing automation systems to assess willingness to sell in the future. Earn points by opening and clicking on emails, downloading PDFs, and visiting websites. Once the value point is reached, the potential customer is considered “qualified marketing” and is passed on to the sale.

The potential customer’s score is based on the old concept of pushing a potential customer into a marketing funnel. Once a potential customer interacts with your marketing assets, you just need to send them up for sale to break.

However, traders need to focus on confidence scores.

How to gain trust

  1. Have a well-designed website and marketing materials
  2. Create useful content that addresses customer issues and needs
  3. Refer your audience to other companies that can meet their needs
  4. Use reliable marketing channels

In a recent Marketing Sherpa survey, the most reliable offline advertising channels were, such as newspapers, magazines, television and direct mail. Search engine advertising is the most trusted digital advertising channel. This is probably because they are inconspicuous and directly related to what people are looking for. Digital advertising is the least reliable form of advertising. How to lose confidence

  1. Disruptive advertising
  2. Talk about yourself, your business and what you do
  3. A pop-up form to capture the email seconds after the visitor is on your site.
  4. Request a phone call as soon as you connect to LinkedIn
  5. It’s too early to sell the relationship
  6. Go to the sale if you don’t like it

As you build trust, your audience will be more receptive to the conversation.

How trust can improve your business

Focus on how each email, website, and lead generation affects the trust you need to build with your leads. This is important

  1. Focus on helpfulness.
  2. Discuss how to address general customer issues that are not directly related to your processes and services.
  3. When the time is right, ask for an interview

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